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Why A Simple "Check Engine Light" Requires Expert Care

Why A Simple "Check Engine Light" Requires Expert Care

An example of what goes into fixing your check engine light: We had a Nissan in that ran poorly and had a P0300 code which is a non cylinder specific misfire code. This code could be caused by any number of issues, some of which could be related to compression in the engine, an ignition misfire, a lean or rich running engine to name a few. This type of code in particular requires some skill and experience to resolve. I was working with Scott Hughes on this one; here's how we went about testing it. When a powertrain code sets, it will set freeze frame data. This data lists some of the most critical sensor and data values and the freeze frame is what this data read at the time the fault set. I like to check fuel trim data, which shows how the computer compensates for an imbalance in the air fuel mixture. I found the fuel trim for bank one of the engine was seeing a lean condition and adding fuel. Bank 2 was reading fairly normal. At this point we can feel pretty comfortable rulin ... read more

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